Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Gamers Gone Bad Comic Strip!

This one covers E3, in all it's banal S&M pleasure.

Linux-Powered Gaming Handheld does Emulation

The GPX2 [review] is an open-source handheld with dual-core 200mhz (software overclockable to 250mhz safely) that can run NEO GEO, SNES, NES, MAME arcade (early and pre-90's), ATARI 2600, ATARI LYNX, GameBoy, Gameboy Color (no GBA yet), Sega Genesis, Game Gear & Master Drive games. *phew* And it plays Quake, Duke Nukem 3d & DOOM! All for just under $200.

Read the excellent review with screenshots, or just check out the video.

I might get one. I thought about getting a Nintendo DS because it has the Brain Game, and the Sony PSP because it's screen is so big and wide - but the GPX2 allows me to MOD to my heart's content and features a screen with almost the same area as a PSP (just taller and thinner).

Why get a DS or PSP which will kill me for $30-50 a game when I can have a handheld that lets me play all the emulation games I like (well, that the hardware can run - it will never emulate a PS2, and while PSX emulation is in the works, it's largely unplayable right now).

It also uses SD memory cards (2gig and above supported), has TV-OUT, and hooks up to a PC via USB. No WiFi built in, but hobbyists are tinkering with getting this working, as they did with the GPX2's predacessor, the GP32.

Edit: Another review, which I think glows a tad too brightly. It glosses over the fact that virtually no commercial games will be made for the GPX2, and that the first edition had some issues with the joypad controller.