Tuesday, July 03, 2007

First Person Shooters hated in Japan, just as Japanese (Dating) Simulation Games do poorly in the West. Why?

Do you think that [Nintendo hired Western developers] because first-person shooters are kind of a Western thing? Because as I understand it, Japanese gamers are not as enamored of first-person shooters as Westerners are.

Yeah, first-person shooters or first-person adventure games don't do well at all in Japan.

Do the Metroid Prime [FPS] games do well over there?

Not necessarily. It has nothing to do with the I.P. or the franchise, it's just that this style of game isn't popular. It sells well, as far as the genre is concerned, but it's like how traditional Japanese simulation games aren't that popular over here. So it would only make sense to have a Western developer work on a first-person game.


This brings up a great question... why do Japanese people dislike First Person Shooters, and conversely, why do most North Americans hate (dating) Simulation Games? I'm struggling to think of what aspect of Japanese games makes them uncomfortable with FPS (too in their face?), or Westerners and dating sims (too lamer/loser?). I have no idea.

PS3, XBOX 360 news

Sony corporate director Masanao Maeda said concerning the PS3 "Name brand, price and software are what count; since it's getting difficult to make software availability a differentiating factor, superior marketing and pricing strategy will be the key for Sony."

I think that's stupid. Price, Price, software, and then name brand are what count. Price has always "counted." Price is what kept the XBOX 360 from becoming the new, dominant force before Nintendo's Wii ever arrived. Price is what signaled the death knell of the PS3. Price is why you go to cheap doctors or don't get the best attorney or don't send you children to private school.

Price, mutherfricker, is the reason.