Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Transformers: RP Session 2

We barely got started with the Decepticons; Maria played Megatron. I gave her some pointers on things he would and wouldn't do:

  • Never admit fault of his own.
  • Never admit a weakness. "Optimus Prime has a new weapon; but my main battle cannon is superior."
  • If someone goes wrong, it's because one of his Decepticons did it.
  • If something goes right, it's because of his leadership.
Jose Francisco kept interrupting play this time, rather than cooperating as with the first session, and after a few suggestions, we weren't going to press him to do what we wanted. With Jose Francisco, you can explain your case and make sure he understands; if he does not respond to this, and it is not an issue of obedience (in which case, there would be no explanation anyway, just "ZE ORDAH!" [the order]), then we let him be. It is more than enough that he responds to orders and he knows the difference between something we'd like him to do, and his duty as a son and a brother, which are things he must do.

DVD 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime reviews on YouTube
After 4 or 5 resets Maria and I gave up and watched YouTube reviews of "Classics" Optimus Prime ($20) and Mirage ($5 on clearance), and of the "DVD 20th Anniversary" Optimus Prime ($70-100) which I don't have.

Watching those reviews pretty much cured me of wanting the toy for a couple of reasons:
  1. The toy is so heavy its joints have trouble staying in place, which means if they start out bad, playing with them (which I would) would destroy them.
  2. The side and back of the semi-truck look awful. There are no side windows and you can see part of Optimus Prime's bicep untransformed between a very wide seam, let's just call it an open seam.
  3. While the hands are articulate, along with every finger, it seemed to be difficult for people to make them hold something.
  4. I realized it's a big display piece for collectors, not something fun to use. For $60, I could get 3 to 6 other Transformers, plus tax.
That's news.