Monday, March 19, 2007

Last Blade and Darkstalkers

More history on each than you can shake a stick at.

  • Last Blade - My favorites? Yuki (a girl with a polearm), Kojiroh Sanada (a slain Samurai's twin sister who pretends to be her late brother) and Hibiki Takane (a slain swordmaker's daughter).
  • Darkstalkers - My favorite? Morrigan the Succubus.
Two of my favorite 2d fighting games, I experienced Darkstalkers in arcades here in the States, but Last Blade I came across only while emulating the NEO GEO on my Pentium II 200MHz PC, and thereafter. Of the two, Last Blade is phenomenally superior, even to my beloved Samurai Shodown II.

The Internet is the Next Revolution?

Well duh, but this article goes on to list out the hows and whys based on good-old-fanshioned history lessons from past economic and social revolutions, such as the Industrial Revolution.

Weakling in Duck Sauce?

I am disappointed in the Penny Arcade crew's latest round of "Oops, we'll go ahead and bow to what everyone else wants" posts.

First, it was the implication that the PS3's downloadable game Flow offered as strong an argument (for motion sensitive controls) as anything Nintendo has made to date, which is stupid.

Now, it's bending over to some game developer who is taking reviews of his unready E3 demo personally.

They even go so far as to point out their last "Oh, wait, the PS3 is grand, we have to buy one ... look it has HOME!" as proof that they change their minds, but must present proof as they see it when they see it... indicating that the flame boys should stop flaming them for publishing the truth because maybe they'll change their minds.

STUPID! "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you."
-Oscar Wilde

Wii Will Destwoy Joo!

The Nintendo DS and Wii, put together, are now dominating the competition. Even the PS2 is now outsold by the mighty Wii. All bow down to our Wiis!

See the NPD article on Gamasutra.

Straight from TotalVideoGames:

Nintendo Trumps Rivals (Again)
North American hardware sales for February show Wii and DS basking at the top of the table...

Author: Jon Wilcox | Date Added: 16/03/2007
As the turnaround of fortunes that began with the release of Nintendo DS continues with Wii, February hardware sales figures in North America have been released showing Nintendo's two formats topping the chart. Not only that, but the figures have shown that sales of Wii (335,000 units) almost topped the sales of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined (228,000 and 127,000 units respectively).

Sales figures for DS stood at 485,000 units for February, easily beating the 176,000 PSPs sold last month, with Nintendo throwing in the extraordinary stat that their two platforms represented 54% of hardware sales in that month. Ten of the top twenty titles in North America have also been exclusive to Nintendo's systems.

"We're gratified that the explosive appeal of Wii, in terms of both new players and new ways to play, has created unprecedented demand, substantially beyond supply," says Reggie Fils-Aime, President, Nintendo of America. "But we also understand that there are hundreds of thousands of consumers still waiting to get their hands on the system so we continue to both ship more units to retail every week and work non-stop to build capacity."

It is moments like this I am proud to own a Nintendo DS, and have a Wii, at home.

Or see a more thorough article on 1up, or the slashdot article, or the original article, near a I can tell.