Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Fairy Princess: Lisell
Fairies are cool. Out of all the games at (don't go there without Firefox and NoScripts and don't allow to run scripts on your computer), I pick the fairy dress up game. I must be gay.

Actually I prefer to think that I just like fairies. Fairies and mythological dragons are my favorite, but they don't have a "layout the Dragon's horde" game. :P

I can't make a character without making a story.

Lisell is the 9th daughter of Lynay. To avoid sexuality in my stories, fairies either procreate asexually or any two fairies can sprinkle each other with pollen and get the job done, effectively meaning all fairies are both genders at the same time; it all depends on the mood I'm in at the time.

All fairies are poisonous and most are herbivores, much to the plant family's chagrin. Moss & algae are fit for some, while others prefer fruits or leaves. A few kinds of fairies are omnivorous and opportunistic, eating bugs and things small enough not to be a threat and slow enough to catch.

Lisell is a Vasp fairy, the most venemous. As is custom among fairy keepers, she's been trussed up a bit by her owner and her venom glands removed, which precludes her from ever rejoining the wild.

Still, she goes outside with her owner's family on a wire string, gets plenty of food, and loves digging her tiny fangs into anyone who tempts her temper, especially strangers. She doesn't like most of the owner's children much, except the oldest, who is the most calm.

Her white hare is a tell-tale sign of her species, the Vasp Fairy.

She responds to many verbal words and gives the wry smile you see here when she chooses to ignore them, which is often.

Fairies, after all, aren't really domesticatable.

William Bouguereau

One of my heroes.