Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Press "Start" To Play

Low and behold, I accidentally came across a good videogame-centric Web comic that doesn't think gamers want a story or to see sexy kittens - granted, my hat's off to everyone in that niche of the biz whereas they are still running, and isn't.

I actually took time to write the makers, partly because they are talented, and partly because their latest post scares me. I call it the post of death - it's where folks say "I'm feeling burdoned! I have no time!" which is sometimes the last gasp of their own mind not wanting to say "Good lord, I'm finished."

I hope they come around and do well. That kind of talent is rare. They even draw girls. Well.

You mean the Government can't manage our lives as well as we can?

This news article about FEMA's 1 billion in fraudulent relief aid payouts really speaks to a larger issue.

Oh, and as if D&D Online wasn't stupid enough because it lacks a Dungeon Master, now you can solo, too! Yes, I've played it. No, I don't like a D&D game that is basically "Hang out in bar, find PUG (pick up group) or your friends. Teleport to dungeon. Fight stuff. Go back to bar.

Where the hell is the rest of the world? Oh, they omitted it.

Correction: PS3 is all bark AND bite

I turns out I was wrong about this post. I reply to everyone who posts a comment. Anyone who takes the time to read and write, deserves as much. Usually I'll never repeat it as I have here, though in this case, I felt I had to because I hate misrepresenting facts.

Anonymous said...

You don't want to use for your technical information. They're the FOX News of the internet I'm afraid. The article regarding the slow READ of the Cell processor from local memory has been completely debunked on slashdot

10:25 AM

David said...

Thank you, anonymous! I stand corrected, happily I might add.

6:26 AM