Tuesday, June 06, 2006

PS3 all bark, no bite?

The PS3 "mortgage your house" GPU is underpowered and might get half the number of polygons on screen compared to the XBOX 360 "takes it from behind."

This article talks about the issue.
And this article backs it up.

"You end up with a console with half the triangle setup rate of the 360, a crippled CPU that is a bitch to program, and tools that are atrocious compared to the 360. To make matters worse, you have an arrogant set of execs telling us that twice the price is worth it for half the power, a year late. If it isn't already too late, Sony had better do something about this recto-cranial inversion or it may very well sink the console."

My take on the whole issue? The XBOX 360 came out ahead of Sony's predictions, and the PS3 is suffering for not having as much time for it to be developed and tested as Sony wanted - and needed.


Anonymous said...

You don't want to use for your technical information. They're the FOX News of the internet I'm afraid. The article regarding the slow READ of the Cell processor from local memory has been completely debunked on slashdot

David said...

Thank you, anonymous! I stand corrected, happily I might add.

whiskthecat said...

I might add its strange that more than 75% of the ps2 fanboys have switched to wii or 360 or wii60 if you will. It kind of pisses me off, sense I've been a Nintendo fan all my life since I was 5 and got my SNES. Now there are all these sniviling idiots making fun of the ps3 and the sad thing is the other day they were rooting for it.

David said...

Really? Interesting. Got some articles I can read? I've gotten out of the loop since getting hit by the PS3 price and the GP2X at the same time.

whiskthecat said...

Well it just my habit of reading joystiq daily that keeps me in the loop.