Thursday, May 25, 2006

Updated Graphics

Well it looks like I'm about to get linked so I wanted to share these:

The main page and...
Every page thereafter.

Hi, I am just editing an interview with dzz and he was mentioning that you were making a new website for him, do you mind if I add the link you just posted?
dbeoulve Howdy Hooka!
dbeoulve Not at all.
hooka cool :)
dbeoulve I kind of forget that that post is out there *chuckles* but it's not wide circulation - maybe it is now.

Proof that the MPAA is Evil

The MPAA is interested in protecting its perceived dollars - they hired a hacker to attack TorrentSpy, who later fessed up.

I always wondered why the law was based around who could pay for better lawyers. Sounds hardly "fair." But I digress.

Crowdsourcing - the movement of Ebay, iStockPhoto, and others

Wired has an article on this. Basically, Internet-born businesses realise the power of the network, and of people contributing to their collective cause. Interesting read.