Thursday, May 18, 2006

PUNT! Zelda Classic may come to the GP2X

Well, the whole reason I embarked upon this quest was because the guys at Zelda Classic seemed so opposed to porting their game to Linux, let alone the GP2X, they deleted forum threads GP2X owners made begging them to port it.

However, EvilDragon [online store], who might as well be called BenevolantDragon, is shipping them a free GP2X and offering reduced cost GP2X's for their developers, and in return they are going to port Zelda Classic!

Read all about it.

This is great news! Though I'm not sure where this leaves my artwork - work. I'll probably finish the avatar and some backgrounds anyway, because I hate dead work. From there I'll let folks tell me what they want me to do, based on what they've seen me do.

Line Art

(click to enlarge) I worked on tracing my line-art this morning. Once I get this into a computer, I can manipulate this a little easier - coloring might be easier. It's all about finding the right process for the artwork to translate not just well, but great - onto the GP2X platform.

While the "From Behind" animation uses two completely different poses, the front does not. I'll be playing with the placement of his legs in the top middle drawing - that left leg of his just sticks way out there without a shield in hand to counter-balance.

The bottom middle is actually the top right's alternate animation.

Everything is two-step animation, with doubling so far, which is homosexual. However, the GP2X isn't made of RAM, and this father of four isn't made of time. I realized I could either have a lot of animation and very few characters, or I could have a lot of characters and original Zelda-esque animation. Boohoo ;)