Friday, August 03, 2007

Transformers: Play Time!

Jose Francisco fires up "Slipstream's" leg engines and takes off. "Mirage" is evading him from the ground.

I edited this photograph some - see the original.

Slipstream is a Knock-Off Transformer called an "Ultra-Bot: Space Warrior." He was hard to transform; word from the wise: the nose piece is virtually stuck in place by two braces; use a small flathead screwdriver to get it loose the first time. But hey, the toy was only $3.

Here everyone gets their game on. We may paint the 2nd largest doll house so we can have a real boy's home base for his toys.

The best thing is that, unlike toy soldiers, the girls really seem to enjoy the Transformers (Knock-Offs or official; doesn't seem to matter to children this young, though I think my 10yo, Maria, prefers the official ones - more articulate).

Alejandrita (alay-hon-dri-ta) enjoys herself. She already likes many "boy" games; having grown up with her baby brother (only two years apart) she dabbles in both little girl and little boy playstyles.

I don't care what they like to play; only that they share and play well.

She's playing with "Scalper," here, a Knock-Off Transformer called an "Ultra-Bot: Space Warrior."

In closing, I think it is a lot of fun to not only enjoy something I did as a child, but best of all, watch my children enjoy it and understand that if a parent just acts appreciative and understanding of a child's chosen plaything and playstyle, they'll have a lot more fun. My dear mother wasn't much for Transformers so I always had to play alone; my son summons me and says " 'Formers!" and points at their perch atop the Piano.

Transformers G1: Continued
We missed Wednesday as my son went to sleep early, but we caught Season 1's 3rd show (the end to the 3 part pilot).

The best thing is that all of my daughters seem to have something they can enjoy together with their brother aside from the many usual games of make believe, run-from-the-monsters, sword fighting, wrestling and "bring down Papa!"

You can see this morning's play session, with pictures, on my blog.

" 'Formers!" is a new word for my baby boy. He's figured out they aren't "Robots," which is what I first tried to tell him as words beyond two syllables can be difficult.

The children don't seem to care about KO's versus real Transformers yet; however, I only have Classics Mirage so they seem to regard him as "Dad's". I can see one exception is my 10yo. She prefers Mirage and the Armada Megatron and Cyberton SkyShadow (I get that right?) for their complexity and articulation.

The documentation on Knock-Offs on teh Interwebs is virtually non-existent. I had a real hard time figuring out how to transform two KO's without breaking them: it turned out one's plastic clips were too long and, ergo, didn't want to unclip (small flathead screwdriver fixed that), and the other was latched together in such a way that the only way to unlatch it was to simply apply enough force; however, without directions, I spent 15 minutes figuring that out because I kept thinking there must be something to unlock it. I am referring to the "Ultra-Bots: Space Warriors", specifically the white jet/plane and the green drilling tank.

Sweet Child:
My 10yo daughter offered to buy me the Classics Voyager-class Optimus Prime. She said "Octopus" at first, which kept us both laughing for about 5 minutes, because she's seen the 2007 movie and knows the name, it just came out wrong.

I'm going to make sure she spends her money on something for her, but I haven't told her that yet. Father's day wasn't so long ago and she chipped in $100 to help her mother buy me a used 32" TV.