Friday, May 12, 2006


I am about to pop. I've spent 4 days - 4 days reading about the GPX2 handheld Linux-powered Emulator-running gaming system [review|development]. My mind harkens to the idea of having tons of old games I remember from my youth available for play when I'm bored. My wallet praises me when it sees that I won't be buying $30-50 games for the system after I get it. My inner child says "Remember when we used to program games for the Commadore 64 and IBM XT? We can make games for the GPX2 too!" My adult self says "Hey look, something I can tinker with all I want, without some angry corporate giant trying to stop me!"

Indeed, the business model of the GPX2 is that it is intended to be an Open-Source system that end consumers can use how they like, whether it's playing movies, music (even OGG format), commercial games (there are two coming), open-source games, and of course - emulated classics!

I'm just bouncing! Hopefully an evil little dragon [german website] can help me get my system.