Thursday, February 15, 2007

Penny Arcade gives in to pressure

First, the guys at Penny Arcade thought that (Sony Exec) Jack Tretton's claim that he would pay a $1,200 bounty for every PS3 anyone could find sitting idly on a store shelf was ludicrous. So they showed, by way of comicry, how stupid that claim really was [their write-up on the same day].

The next comic cycle, Wednesday, brings us to a complete opposite view: that the PS3 is really a great machine, it's only Sony's failure to understand how to communicate this awesome potential of optimism they have in their lambasted PS3 and PSP consoles.

But this view directly conflicts with the facts they brought up on Monday: PS3's are sitting idly on store shelves, un-bought and unsold. An unmentioned corollary is how poorly the PSP is doing compared to the Nintendo DS. The bottom line is that gamers vote with their purchases, and folks aren't purchasing enough PS3's or PSP's to keep Sony's #1 spot, and in the case of the PS3, #2.

I know Jerry / Tycho isn't stupid, I believe he sees this - I think he's just capitulating because a swath of angry readers e-mailed him vitriolic hate mail, stating basically "How dare you speak against my sacred cow? You suck, and so does your comic."

A friend of mine pointed out that Tycho has colorful language, but trouble getting ideas across, which makes for some great comics where Tycho tries to explain something and Gabe misunderstands him, but hurts the dynamic duo on this point. His point isn't that the PS3 is gold, it's that it is capable - it is not lacking in horsepower to do things.

This sounds accurate, though of course Tycho could use some clarification in point here.

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