Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Various Consoles

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I have a PSX, PS2, XBOX, Wii, GBA, GBA:SP, two NDS's, and a Wii in my house - these are not all mine per se (I have four children) but I play them all.

XBOX 360? Too many FPS games that require me to use my thumbs, not a mouse. Sorry, personal preference, I grew up with the original DOOM on 486 66MHz computers, and 386's and IBM XT's before that. Thumbs are not dexterous. Mice are. So are pointing devices like... the Wii has!

PS3? Far too expensive.

Wii? Perfect price (any higher would be too much) and my kids love it. The controllers are incredibly fun and make everything old seem new again, as the song goes. Still, I rarely play it. Why? Well I need RPG's, sandbox games, good FPS and games deeper than Rayman and Warioware. Zelda? After Oblivion, Neverwinter Nights, and Ocarina of Time, I just couldn't plod through another. Terrible music too. My 9yo daughter loves it.

NDS? I play this lots and lots. Only my computer sees more love. Why? Well it's had time to mature, I bought it after the Wii so it has tons of games I've never played before that are unlike games I've played in the past (a problem when you've been gaming constantly since the Atari 2600). My hope is the Wii will have the same happy ending.

GBA? Too hard to see.
GBA SP? Easy to see and hold, but there were never any games out for it that really seemed to hold me. For some reason the NDS breaks this rule.

XBOX & PS2 were great to have in their prime - I never had to care which system a game came out for.

PSX? I got this over the N64 because I saw the polygon specifications, the cartridge based format, and knew it just wasn't going to do as well. I loved my PSX, but the games are hard to go back to - 3d games are. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is still fun, but that's not 3d.

Prior to that? I had a SNES late in it's life, NES all through it. I'm not into brand loyalty (used to love Squaresoft / Square / SquareEnix). Just so you know my tastes are games, not consoles. The Wii makes an exception due to its controllers.

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