Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Transformers: RP Session 6

The Decepticons limped home (from Session #5) just in time to watch their transformed star ship's defenses ward off the Autobots.
We had a game last night, this time as the Decepticons. Basically, the RP centered around fending off the Autobots, who did come to attack the base, then licking wounds for five days, and then trying to think of a way to lure Soundwave to Earth. By this point, only my 10yo was still up, so we talked about his personality and I let her try to think of things that might hook him. She couldn't come up with much, so we got to talking about Megatron and why he came...

"Try to think about what Megatron has done, and that may help you answer what his plans are. So far, he has defected from Decepticon High Command's control and gone to a forbidden planet. All right. So whatever he is doing is either worse than these things, or will wash it all away. Think of a bank robber, who steals a car so he can have a getaway vehicle. He really doesn't care about stealing a car, he's going to rob a bank. In other words, he's going to do something worse, so a forbidden planet doesn't bother him. Or, he's going to reverse the situation. What do all Decepticons covet?"

On her third try, because I kept answering "It's more basic than that," she said "Power."

"All right. So if Decepticons desire power, what might make them forget that Megatron disobeyed them?"

Maria answered "If he becomes more powerful."

I said "Ahhh. And lastly, he might have already done something so bad that the Decepticon High Command wants him destroyed, does he care about coming to a forbidden planet?"

Maria said "No. They're already after him."

"So he doesn't care about getting in a little additional trouble. For all we know, he's already wanted for doing something bad before, he's on the run, why not come here?"

"So, there you have it, three possibilities. Now, because I play Megatron and you play Prime, you are going to have to figure out what the truth is. Megatron won't tell the other Decepticons the whole truth. So I'm afraid you're going to have to wait and figure it out."

That concluded our evening.

See my PhotoBlog of this event.

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