Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Musings at the Drive-Through

It's after 10pm (pitch night here). My 10yo daughter, Maria, and I were parked outside a fast-food store waiting for it to finish closing to pick up my brother and observed a customer pull up to the drive through. He pressed the button and sat there. We started laughing, sitting in the van. He just sat there, his truck's engine idling, for about four minutes, alternatively staring at nothing and at the voice box. Mind you none of the lights on the displays were lit, even the big "what you can order" sign was dark.

"Gee!" I mocked, "I pressidy button. Whie don't it vork?"

Maria laughed; then he pulled forward and tried the pick-up window. Finally he drove off.

Maria remarked "We should buy some of those 'OPEN' signs with lights and put them on other places and see what people do."

I think I laughed for about five minutes on that one alone.

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