Monday, February 26, 2007

Penny Arcade bends over Again

"[The Sony Playstation 3 SixAxis controller] makes a case for motion sensing controls that is as potent as anything Nintendo has delivered to date. " [Penny-Arcade]

Uhh sure - if you take out BOTH YOUR EYES, and stab hot pokers into your shoulders!

Because all you can do after that is tilt your wrists, which is as much motion sensativity as the Sixaxis has. The Wii Remote understands inertia (accellerameters, more precisely) and acts as a pointing device.

I think we're missing a few features there, Sony. But thanks for acting like wimps, my venerated PA crew. I'm not saying I wouldn't sitting comfortably in my obscurity, but as a blogger, it's my job to say what I see. That's... what we do.

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