Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rant about Multiple Stage Boss Fights

"All game designers that see fit to have final bosses with multiple forms or stages, each one harder than the last, already unnecessarily hard to begin with, should be given a sound beating by a progression of angry men, each angrier and stronger than the last. Because that's how hitting a brick wall of difficulty feels. My disdain for this kind of artificial challenge is only succeeded by my disdain for designers who have the player fight every single boss in the game for a second time one after another at the end, which is thankfully not the case here. (Oh, their punishment? To be beaten by perhaps ten or eleven angry men across a couple of weeks, and then beaten again by them all in quick succession a couple of days later. Make the punishment fit the crime, I say.)"
by Mathew Kumar
[source article]

This was just too funny not to post.

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