Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Maria Alejandra is sick today, poor dear

Maria Alejandra is sick. I asked her three times if she wanted me to stay home and watch kids for her, but there are two problems:

  1. Maria Alejandra is a Mexican girl, and they don't like to stop working. At least the good ones don't.
  2. Our children are so well behaved that you can leave them to manage themselves for a day.
Bleh. I should have made a command decision to stay home and care for the kids; even being well behaved, the boy is "muy Latino" and Alay worries about him. His sisters are good at corralling him. Sometimes I have to remind him who "Pack Leader" is, but whenever I do he'll fuss (he gets embarrassed when I scold him) a moment and then do what I told him to without further objections.

I think that's fairly behaved, for a baby boy. I want him to listen to me and his mother when he's a teenager. I worry about the fussing part - what will that be like when he's a teenager? But Alay assures me that all of her brothers were like this, it's genetic, and all but one brother out of 6 listen to dad today, and they're grown.

I... cannot say. I know how to raise little girls; I'm still learning with the boy. I love them all.

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