Friday, May 11, 2007

Corrections: Maria's Solution to Dealing with a German Shepherd

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Atticus didn't snap or clack his teeth at Maria. I had her read my blog for accuracy and she said "He didn't do that, he tried to bite me."

"Describe what he did. Show me, pretend you're him."

She made the motions of a fear-bite - something dog people know, hunched down, lunging at you from behind, going for an ankle or something else available.

Also she said she didn't hit him on the nose the second time, just somewhere on the side of his snout, but it obviously worked.

I asked her why she did that, why fear didn't make her seize up, and she said "Well, I knew I was bigger than him (she's 100 pounds to Atticus' puppy German Shepherd dog's 50 pounds) and that if he did bite me, he was going to be in for serious pain."

She continued, changing quickly to a light and happy voice, "But, he was fine after that. He and I sat (lied) on the bed with my grandma later."

At any rate, I try to present things as they actually happened.

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