Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm Famous

Billy put me on his Flickr site.

There's me and... that guy! He was cool. He and I talked about how we raise our daughters. I forget his name though.

Oh yes! Look at my FEET!

I almost had a little girl convinced at the party that it was because my feet were swollen from a surgery and I needed special shoes. Then my 7yo daughter, Dulce, overheard me and told her "Don't believe him!"

*cackles* I love making kids think.

And there's me again.


Adil Zuberi said...

Hay, Your blog shows you are extremely interesting guy and emotional to your family. I have an exam tomorrow, so will write you back sometimes later. For now I have added the link to the game on my blog. By the way what is your profession.
See you later and thanks for visiting my blog.

David said...

Howdy Adil! I work for a County Elections Office in Florida - we run the elections for our County, State, and ultimately, Federal Government for our little area. I'm the IT guy and I handle things like GIS.

I can't get enough of my lovely Mexican wife. She's always exotic to me. Our kids wake up and clean their room and start work on chores as soon as I'm gone for work - which is great because they're so used to it nobody has to ask them.

I got home today and my wife gave us food and retreated (Mexican custom, my American friends don't understand why she doesn't always want to eat with the guests, but there were no guests today) - so my 10 year old daughter fed her baby brother without prompting, which mind you, is messy work.

You seem very self disciplined and determined, while fully capable of having fun. I'll be glad to read from you.

I hope your studying and exams go well. As you know, your whole life will be better.